Monday, December 11, 2017

Prayer at the beginnng of the week to finish work

Loving God, we pray for flashes of brilliance at the beginning of the week to finish work that is pending and to start work which is crucial. May our faith in you God help us see the guiding star like the wise humans who were searching for the messiah saw. They were wise and yet needed your guidance to finish the important work they had started. May we also God submit our brilliant minds before your revealing stars so that our faith will guide our great plans. Jesus, you submitted everything to your Father despite knowing all and being brilliant and great in analysing every situation and making the best of decisions. May we not get caught up with our ideas and brilliance and brag about ourselves but rather submit ourselves and our ideas before the matchless brilliance of God. Be with us Holy Spirit as we submit our plans to God so that they become the best and the greatest plans for the day and bring out the best in us and in others. May all glory and praise be to you God. Amen.

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