Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Prayer of thanksgiving

This morning dear Lord we thank you for small and big things. Help us we ask and pray to make us identify all that you have done in our lives. You chose to create us, gave us the opportunity to live fully and unconditionally and gave us the earth and all in it so that we could be care takers and responsible people. Every day our list of wants grows like a never ending shopping list but we forget that there is a bigger and longer list which includes all that you have done in our lives. Help us to be thankful Lord for what we have even as we are already looking to the other things that you have graciously opened for our view and use. We pray God that we may be satisfied and feel peaceful about what we have instead of feeling grumpy and irritated about what we don’t have.

We realize this day O lord that if you could create someone so insignificant as us that you will have all that we will ever need in store for us. We do have deadlines to meet but we just cannot go from one deadline to another without stopping and taking time to breathe and be thankful for every step that has been made possible by your merciful care. How much can we thank you God for all that you are to us every single minute of our life? We today turn our gaze to you and thank you with all our heart, mind and soul knowing that you are listening, not expecting to be praised but feeling happy that we are bowing ourselves before you and setting free all that binds us under evil and unnecessary bondage. We thank you God, from deep within, and whatever happens today and in the days to come, that is not going to change. We thank you God for this moment and the numerous moments that have been possible by your sacrifice on the cross for us. We thank you God for loving us first and for setting the tone of how to love in our lives. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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