Sunday, June 25, 2017

Prayer on a worship day

Help us today God to find peace and to strengthen our souls. Teach us to gauge what we need to feel happy and satisfied. As we go to worship places and sacred spaces allow us to understand that we are all one and the same. Each and every one of us O Lord has been created by you. We cannot be different and better than the other. Loving God, help us to understand what we are supposed to do by ourselves and how we are supposed to bring a balance to the wonderful plans of growth and peace that you have for us. Today, help us to grow spiritually and feel strong from inside rather than flaunting all that we have achieved in the six days of our worldly life. This day, help us to love each other and forget about our material wealth as they are only pawns towards our need for spiritual growth. Teach us Jesus to let go of anything that prevents us from seeing God in those we come across. If anything comes in between that, let it be offered in the incense box so that, it, along with our ego may be burnt as a sacrifice and offering to you. Bless us and those who we have as your plan and as your wish. May we feel energized knowing that today we are resurrected from the ashes we offer. Like Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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