Friday, June 16, 2017

Prayer for family

Loving God, I thank you for the grace of a loving family. My family includes those who are related to me through blood and those who have become family through love. I am thankful for the gift of family that makes me strong, gives me a reason to work, and makes me persevere.

I pray this day that I may be available to my family, increase the radius of my family circle and be accepted into other families through my acts of Christian love and concern. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you have been concerned and caring enough to accept me into the circle and family of love that you are. Teach me to love, to be in and of family and to cure and be cured with the strength of family. Whenever cracks appear in my family, help me to soothe and heal those cracks by the strength that I have received from the family of the Holy Trinity. Amen.

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