Saturday, June 24, 2017

Prayer during a holiday

God of rest and peace, we seek your guidance during this weekend. May those who have a day off from work be able to spend time with family and friends. Even as we rest may we be reminded by your presence in us that we have to dream, think and prepare for doing good and being effective for you Christ Jesus in our own different ways. You are ever present in us Jesus and you never take rest and that is evident by the fact that we are safeguarded and guided every single second of our lives.

May those of us who are travelling be cheerful and show acts of help, dignity and mercy to those next to us. May others experience Jesus through our acts of love. May those who go to supermarkets, parks, shopping malls and public spaces act with the prudence of Christ to diffuse difficult situations, help others, respect others and be Christ to others. We may be on vacation from work but Lord Jesus we are never on vacation from experiencing and acting on your behalf. May those who celebrate festivals and holidays be happy with our presence next to them in different public spaces so that Christ lives in the hearts of people.

Today help us be a daughter/son to our parents, a mother/father to our daughter/son/children, a sister/brother to our sibling, a friend to our friend and a blessing to a stranger. May the elderly be considered as our own parents and helped and loved. May we visit those who are sick and share their concerns and anxiety. Bless us O lord to be you during this weekend. Amen.

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