Friday, May 5, 2017

Prayer for those buying land

God, you are the owner of all that we see. You have created us to be care takers of your creation. At this time we submit to you the land which we wish to buy. Show us if it is apt and good for us. Reveal to us how we should buy and when we should make use of it. Holy Spirit, go before us and bless the land, that when we take possession we will be faithful stewards of what you have graciously given us.

Educate us Jesus as to how we should make use of the land. Guide your light to the land and inform us what to do. Help us God to make a commitment of giving this land to you and for your purpose. May we get lots of happiness from this and may wonderful memories rise from this land. We pray that finances may fall in place, commitments are met and ownership is transferred quickly.

Dear Lord, give us clear thoughts and ideas so that this land becomes special for us and our family and friends. May it lead to you blessing us thirty, sixty and hundred fold. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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