Monday, November 14, 2016

Prayer for parents on Children's Day

We thank you Lord for giving us children to look at, learn from, walk with and praise you. We thank you God for having children in various capacities so that we may remember the paths we have tread and the ones where we must go back to. May we allow children to bloom and become who you want them to be dear God. Help us this day and in days to come to respect children as the creation of God and look at and learn from children who remind us that life is not just about money and deadlines but relaxing and playing. Help us God to stop abusing children mentally and physically thinking that we own them, but to rather value their opinion, common sense and Godliness. Father God, help us to be good fathers and mothers to every child so that we may care for them and treat every child as our own. Jesus Christ, teach us to listen to you and change and become like children so that by welcoming them, we welcome you. Holy Spirit, fill us with the spirit of motherly and fatherly love which only sees the good in children and encourages them to follow their dream. May we stop being possessive and rather responsible, make us realize not to preach to but to practice with our children, guide us to love unconditionally instead of expecting to  be loved by our children. We are all your children gracious God. We have sinned and not loved you many a time and yet you have loved us back. Let this be the model for us to follow. Not to be loved by our children, but to love them always and in so doing, to enter into the love of God. Amen. 

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