Friday, October 7, 2016

Prayer when everything goes downhill

Most merciful God, not a day goes by without remembering you. We do not do it with fear but because you appeal to each and every one of our senses. Without you a moment is not worthwhile. You have seen and supervised our successes and yet we are also faced with many failures. Perhaps we don’t thank you enough for times of happiness and complain whenever we are sad. Help us to know your eagerness to be a part of our life. Most understanding God we ask for the maturity and spiritual strength to stand firm even when things around us fall apart, we pray for needed distractions to forget our pain even for a short time, we seek your comforting hand when the whole world fails to understand our good intentions. God our creator, you understood the eagerness to know of Adam and Eve and let them go, Jesus Christ, you explained your parables again to your disciples instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, Holy Spirit, you made people understand the message of the apostles even though it was not spoken in a language they knew. It is but normal to receive pain from people we know and speak to. Help us to understand this and commit our lives to you. May we feel peace even when the world around us falls apart, may we hear your pleasant voice even when people around us shout at and humiliate us, may we look forward in hope, understanding that every fall is an opportunity to stand up and walk. Help us dear Lord in our various situations of hopelessness. We glorify and praise you Lord Jesus, and your Father and your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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