Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am who I am: Low waist (waste) jeans: skit

I don’t want to fit into the expectations of society. My father wants me to be a doctor, my mother wants me to be an engineer, my uncles want me to be a real estate broker and my aunties want me to be a politician. I hate and despise each and everyone one of these suggestions. I want to be a pastor. But my pastor tells me that I am not cut out for it and that I am a new generation punk. He thinks that I will make a better software engineer who can work in shorts with google.

How I wish I would be accepted just as I am instead of being what others want me to be. (He looks around but finds that everyone is seated and looks the same. Everyone wants to be the same person and no one seems to be interested.) How I wish that one of you would get up and tell me that I can be accepted the way I am.

(This is when one of the girl’s get up and come to him. She says that he looks cool and different.)

Girl- Yo man. You look nice and cool.

Boy- Yes but coolness is not getting me anywhere. I won’t be accepted into my church like this. No one wants someone like me. People keep staring at me and ask why my pant is so low below the waist. Some times I get the feeling they are staring at my underwear.

Girl- I like the way you look. And I wouldn’t mind having a pastor wearing low waist jeans.

Boy- Hmm. My pastor says that I wear low waist jeans and am a waste in life too. The double meaning is not much of a joke when you look at it from my side.

Girl- Ha ha. I like that. Waste guy with low waist. Your pastor has a nice sense of humour.

Boy- See, even you are making fun of me.

Girls- No. Seriously. I would love to have a cool pastor like you and I am sure that many here would also like that.

Boy- You are saying all this to make me feel good isn’t it.

Girl- No, I am saying this from my heart. I would like to be your congregation member. And from the look of it several here would also like to be.

Boy- (Looking at the audience.) It doesn’t look like anyone here is interested in me.

(Music starts. People from different corners of the hall get up one by one to the choreographed music titled “Ain’t no mountain high enough”. The boy and girl also join in with the others. Slowly, one by one, everyone sits. A girl and boy come and hug the boy at the end.)

Girl- See what I told you. Who said you are strange and odd? Who said no one likes you? Who said that people are going to make fun of you and reject you as a pastor? Many young people here like you. I am sure that many others will also like you. More than anything else, God loves you and is willing to go the extra mile for you. There is no mountain high or valley low for God. Just call God and God will be there for you.

Boy- This is so cool. I never thought anyone would dance for me. I even thought that God would feel like the pastor, thinking that I am a low waist waste. Now I know that God wants me, just as I am and just as freaky as I look. Praise God.

(Characters played by Yajenla, BD II and Prazwal Jasper, BD II. Skit done during the Youth worship for Sunday evening worship in UTC on October 19, 2014.)

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