Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorry, the number you are calling is out of coverage area!!!

Once upon a time there was God; Allah, Ram, Jesus et al.
Morning pujas, namaz and communion with one and all
Ordinary people would use simple words and gestures
All in the hope to pass the message to the ‘all in all’

Crowds decided the popularity and importance of the space
Which contained the picture or the symbol of the reality of faith
Each one managed to carve out a unique place
With rules, regulations and traditions to manage the race

With every passing day comes new avatars and God’s
Some with acute smelling flowers and others with acumen to lead the charge
The queue is diverted from known to unknown
In search of answers does the poor one go

Now we have technology God’s
BSNL, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone
They latch us up with catchy one liners
Best for us, express yourself, an idea can change your life and make the most of now

So in a hurry we make life into a punching frenzy
Trying to connect in this world spiritually
Until reality comes calling home differentially
With ‘network busy’ and ‘out of coverage area’ sequentially