Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New year musings 2009

I know it’s late and nearly over the board but I will put it along with my new set of new year resolutions. What must be done, must be done. ‘When’, does not really matter. But nevertheless I will start my first blog for the year 2009 with the seldom used word, ‘sorry.’ I won’t waste time with who is right and who is wrong, but will accept my part of the shortcoming and therefore with all sincerity offer my apologies for not writing for over six days into the new year.

One cannot escape the clubbing of new year with ‘resolutions’. It’s about what we are going to do ‘new’ this year. It’s about what we always wanted to do but could not do. It’s also about the (bad) habits we want to wean away, the deadlines we want to meet and the person we want to be.

In short it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we want to change what was wrong in our life. We want to close that chapter of our lives. Nothing wrong I would agree. But so is nothing wrong in begging to differ.

And therefore this new year is a year of giving thanks to all the people who have contributed to make the person that I am. I am not going to say that I will change beyond a certain point. (I will if others want me to). I am not going to cry over the time I may have (according to some) lost. I will not reflect pangs of hysteria over what I should have been.

The truth is that I like what and who I am. I cherish every moment that my life has gone through. I love and respect the people whom I have come across, both female and male, who have taught me so many things through simple conversation, journeys, phone calls, movie watching, eating out, visiting places of worship, playing games and sitting put.

In short this new year I would like to thank each and everyone of you whether you are reading this or not. My parents, family, childhood friends, teachers, girl friends, boy friends, wife, in-laws, colleagues, everyone I have met and talked to or just watched, or written to or spoke to over the phone without meeting in person. ‘You’ have contributed to making me ‘me.’ Thank you. (2009)
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Vinnie said...

I hope i'm included too, Fr!
i know i u r most welcome..the gratitude is mutual :)

Happy New 2009!!

Fr Jerry said...

Of course you are Vin. It's amazing how people you don't meet in person also teach you lots. Thanks.