Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

Luke 6:20-22
Blessed are you who (have)1 are (AIDS) poor , for yours is the (fellowship) kingdom of God.
Blessed are you who (have) are (AIDS) hungry now for you will be filled.
Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.
Blessed are you when people hate you, exclude you, revile you and defame you
For surely your reward is great in heaven (and earth)

Yesterday I was a fortunate person with friends and relatives
Yesterday I glowed with pride, my accomplishments did with me lie
Yesterday I dreamt of a life, of happiness, love and care
Yesterday I had everything…today I have memories of yesterday

1 Brackets mine.


johnson said...

Good to remember our fellow brothers and sisters. And the post reminds me of our visits to Freedom Foundation - the rehabilitation centre for the HIV affected- in Bangalore during our studies at United Theological College, Bangalore

Vin said...

"today I have memories of yesterday" - Beautiful!!

Fr Jerry said...

Johnson: It is time that we took radical steps to ensure the free participation of all people in the affairs of the world (kinship of God).
I know that some will be uncomfortable with using bible passages for accepting people with HIV. But why not?
The great thing about studies is getting to experience what we otherwise don't.

Fr Jerry said...

Vin: This is an assertion of mine which I have used earlier as well. The most beautiful of things that we have received from God is our memory. These days there are those who have disabilities with memory and I am not forgetting them here.

There are also elements in society who try to do away with even our memories by attacking places close to us and destroying them and distorting truth for their own gains. But we must remember that people have to come together to cherish our memories and re-tell them again.

JOSH said...

Yeah, Father it is time we take some radical steps.

I'm in utter disbelief when how educated people too distances themselves from the infected people and don't want to involve themselves to eradicate this deadly disease.

Fr Jerry said...

Josh:It is true that education is not making the needed change in India.

There is a perception that the educated class behaves very different. But unfortunately this is not true. Many a time it is the educated rich who are weary of being in proximity with everyone; the poor, the despised, and the sick. Very unfortunate, but sadly the truth.

Point well made. Thanks.