Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time up: Stop writing!!!

We are running out we are told
Of time and opportunities galore
Socks they have to be pulled up
Equipped to shake away tranquillity

There’s no time for growing up anymore
We are born with fighting qualities you know
What is the need to test and grow
With all the fun and 20-20 in tow

Waiting and curing, that is but past
Today we build, tomorrow we blast
Who cares about nature and her cast
Tomorrow will iron out today fast

Time is but used now to measure our speed
Of what we can quickly achieve
Wiping clean our slow and steady life indeed
With fast and quicker laps to feed


JOSH said...

Not sure who told this...
Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.

Fr Jerry said...

Josh, everything has a time and place. The issue today is that we are pushing time and compressing it. This leads to unreal growth and pressure on results.

Vinnie said...

Fr, i liked the way u put 20-20 here:):)

Fr Jerry said...

I am also writing a paper on 20-20. :)