Friday, December 19, 2008


(Picture: MailOnline)
I never really understood why?
Why shoes n sandals n slippers
Were kept out of worship and high places
Keeping our eyes on the shoes and not the idol

I thought they would scratch the marble n tiles
Making the investment a second fiddle
And take the shine off the fable
Leaving the heart in shatters of cradle

The light then shone from the box of rituals
Stark pictures of the shoe in flight
The powerful bowed before the powerless
Missing the target by a whisker’s helplessness

It then struck me like lightning
That shoes were kept out of powerful places
To save the powerful from acts of survival
Coming forth from the shoes of repulsiveness

(The poem is a result of the (by now famous) shoe throwing incident at President Bush and Dr. Rudhran who blogged on the same)


johnson said...

In the Old Testament God told Moses to remove the sandals from his feet. This removal of shoe had eventually marked the deliverance of the people at the bondage. What would be the effect this (g/b) act? deliverance or harsh captivity?

Fr Jerry said...

Johnson: One thing is that shoes do have an undeniable role in some cultures. I think the Middle East is an example of this. What you have pointed out is true. On the one hand removing shoes leads to deliverance, especially in the relationship with God. On the other hand, acts of removing the shoes (but for throwing or using as something else) also leads to a sense of liberation and deliverance!

Rohan said...

check this one out

Fr Jerry said...

:) Checked it out. Sites like this are making a killing now. :)