Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shame (less)


How long will we celebrate?
How bad can we get?
Who all have to die?
Where will we end up?

Today I cry for my mother
My land and all the people
Women, men, children of all colours and castes
From all states and religions

I can’t say what is wrong and what is right
I won’t take sides and preach
But I’ll fight for what I’m worth
To prevent blood shed and destruction

What is a structure worth you may ask?
Isn’t it just lime and brick?
It is till our roof is slick
Intact with our blood, life and memories in sync

(Dec 6 is the anniversary of one of the most terrible days of Indian democracy. As we mourn those who lost their lives in the recent Mumbai attacks we should also make sure that the lives lost to communal violence should be remembered and worth their weight in gold. It also asks for a response from us to go beyond our religious, caste, class, and geographical identities and be more responsive to human life).


JOSH said...

All your posts are very relevant to current issues. Please don't limit your views with this space, INDIA needs responible people like you.

Democracy only works when ordinary people claim it as their own.

Fr Jerry said...

Josh, your first comment is a very kind gesture and I accept it in humility considering who I really am, than what I want to be.

You have hit the bull's eye with your second suggestion. We indeed have to claim our country and democracy. We have to react in our small but special ways. Hope we can stand up to the tasks ahead.

JOSH said...

Fr.Jerry, Till now all we have done is just accept the way it is and then blame.It's high time we stand up & bring in a change

Fr Jerry said...

Josh, it is indeed a challenge to stand up for what we believe in. What we have to try is to stand up for all people in India, especially those who are underprivileged and discriminated. We have to start with social justice and then go to other things. Unless disparity is challenged and done away with, we cannot do away with key problems in India.

Vin said...

Yes, Fr. Dec 6 was indeed a nightmare for our i look back n reflect on the numerous such episodes being repeated in different forms in different parts f India...i realised...its we people who r responsible...we kept mum when it happened to other people BUT we shouted when it happened to long as this cycle continues, the dark forces will take advantage..

So, it is we who have to act one big family..INDIA requires ONE VOICE!

Fr Jerry said...

Vin, we indeed have to come together whenever possible. We have to come to certain agreements in our country that taking of human life is unacceptable, everyone has a need of their constitutional and human rights and everyone has to have equal opportunities and we cannot live in a country which operates on disparities.

It does not matter which religion or state we belong to. An act of taking a human life, or injuring someone is terrible wherever it takes place and we have to accept that, instead of waiting for something to happen closer to home or to a friend or relative.

JOSH said...

Btw, since i have also started blogging as my daily practise.

Hope you don't mind if i add you in my bloglist and be your follower

Fr Jerry said...

No probs. I already checked out your blog. Good wishes for numerous posts and bringing out various issues for the good of the general public in India.

JOSH said...

Yeah, Thanks for reading my posts.

It is not rosy as i thought for shharing my views, there seems to be some characters who in some way or other discourage with their insensitive / illogical ways.

Life is a journey of meeting all these characters and i'm not complaining

Fr Jerry said...

I suppose one should be ready for everything, criticism and encouragement. When there are those who criticize, remember that there will be as many who encourage.