Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The truth shall set you free: The Obama-isation of American society

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Forty five years later, Martin Luther King’s vision has come true. His now famous speech in which he said “I have a dream” has found resonance in the American people. Senator Barack Hussein Obama has been elected as the 44th president of the United States of America. With a Kenyan father and an American mother he not only represents Afro-Americans but goes beyond by bridging the black and white divide.

For several people, King’s dream has come true. Their dream has come true. Forever they have lived under the shadow of racial discrimination and unequal opportunities. In it’s bid to change all that, America has indeed voted for change through Obama. The “change we can believe in” slogan has echoed all through, with hundreds of thousands of people congregating and supporting this chance for change.

Like in all countries, truth has been distorted in the U.S. for the benefit of a few and therefore truth itself has lost it’s meaning and importance for ordinary people. But nevertheless truth still maintains the scope of changing and setting free. The same truth which has been used to keep people in bondage has the immense power to set people free. And this is what comes out strongly in the U.S. election.

What does this mean for us? After all the Obama chanting and celebrations, we have to come back to our context and use this result as a source of inspiration. Just as the blacks, hispanics, the Asians and numerous other groups hope for a change in the way society treats them, we have to work towards change in Indian society. Change which will give every single citizen of this country equal rights and opportunities to live life in fullness, independence and security.


Vin said...

yes, definitely..inspired by this, our democracy too needs to work for a change..lets exercise our vote during elections..every vote counts :)
very well written article, Fr.
After a long phase of darkness, America finally starts moving towards the Light!

Fr Jerry said...

It's a huge step for America. And we should also think about the discriminations in our own land and how we can change that!

Johnson said...

M Luther King was a prophet and his was a prophetic movement but does India ever have a prophet and a prophetic movement? The so called dalit leaders and activists of our time aim for some petty political ends. And how sad it is?

Fr Jerry said...

That is true. But what we should wait and see is whether anyone comes up in India. I can't say in what form. Maybe someone who is passionate about his/her beliefs for the end of discrimination at all levels in India. And someone who can indeed mobilise a mass movement without being corrupted by the political goons in India.