Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The true guru?

Oh great one, when will I know, who will I ask?
From where will I receive the sign of definiteness?
How will I understand it’s time to stop and search no more?
For the one I have been searching for?

How should I mark and what should I draw?
Why should I infer that which I do?
If there is a beginning, shouldn’t there be an end?
Will I reach then from where I began one end?

Is whom I seek a what?, and what I seek a whom?
Whom shall I send and who will go for me?
Will this cycle of thoughts then turn obsessively?
Slowing down to speed again?

Who or what then is the true guru(1)?
Is it my teacher and my guide, the one with whom I side?
The answer that comes to me is simple but complex!
‘The true guru is but the true shishya(2).’!!!

(1) Master, teacher.
(2) Disciple, student.

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