Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Falling leaves

My eyes became moist the first time I saw them fall
It looked like the great hold of security had given way
The leaves had been ‘the’ part of the tree
Giving it it’s grandeur and pride among everything else

I waited and watched every day
Wishing the leaves would get up and join the tree again
My thoughts of a miracle did fade with every day
With every moment which made the leaves wither away

As the leaves withered I noticed new ones sprouting out
Giving the tree a new look and a new chapter to play
I kept wondering whether they could replace the old ones
And bring back the ones withering away

With time the old leaves disappeared into the background
And I knew there was a reason for this way
The new leaves didn’t replace the old ones
Instead they taught me a whole new story to say


Vin said...

Beautiful n deep Fr, thanks for sharing this...

Fr Jerry said...

Thanks. Many things in life can be explained by using symbolisms. These on the other hand will also tell tales by themselves.