Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My name is nobody!!!

Those who work in private offices and corporations will be aware of the never ending push to do well and climb the corporate ladder. We as individuals are responsible for our life and future and so we should work hard and do well in life. Even though this is a straight forward statement and gives oodles of encouragement for the weak soul, secrets lie hidden for those who are willing to scratch (not one self but the ground).

Although we are made to believe that success will be ours to toy with as long as we are willing to work, reality is entirely different. Those who are willing to work are not allowed to do so in the field they want to because they are told, “Your father was a scavenger and so will you be!!” How do we see such people? Do we think of their welfare, their income, their work? Or do we think that our work is much more specialized and deserves better salaries than sweepers, scavengers and those who do the most menial of works?

All through history there have been movements to give recognition to ordinary people and communism has also been one such movement. Kerala created history when the first communist government (the first time anywhere) came to power in 1957 through democratic elections, the first after the formation of the state. But the old goosebumps and the excitement which accompanied the movement has died down. Now even the party is after money and the poor are left out in the cold.

The poor are lapped up by parties (especially during election time) based on religion, caste and class only to be dumped once they come to power. They are given names during high profile election campaigns only to be forgotten conveniently afterwards. These then are the people, the faceless and nameless people whom we use and throw. ‘We want them but we can’t marry them!!!’ would be a good way to put it. If we ever come across someone like this and ask them their name, perhaps we will get the answer……My name is nobody!!!


Vin said...

quite a sensitive post, Fr, how can this inequality be solved? what can the state and the religious institutions do to break this divide ?

sawan said...

achayo, sensible post at a sensible time! elections are at the door step and some one said exit polls should be banned! this same exit polls had a major roll in bringing this gov to power.. quite an irony ain't it? :-)

bout CPIM, party is not only behind money, its also behind ego! sad thing to say being a comrade :-(


Fr Jerry said...

Vin, many of us give up by believing that nothing can be done. I would say we have to stop with this first. Second, the government and various religions have a mandate on which they exist. This mandate is to work for the poorest of the poor and to enable basic rights for them. We just have to go along with this and things will definitely get better.

Fr Jerry said...

Sawan: 'Lal Salam sakhave'. The problem as I see it is that we are not allowed to express our opinions. I believe that every political party has something good about them. But if we disagree with them, they suddenly see us as their enemies.

The Communist party (Marxist and others) has done a lot of good in India. But no party is above criticism and change. I believe that even the church cannot and should not escape criticism and change.

The main thing for everyone should be the welfare of the common man and woman in India or the respective state. For this I can hold the red flag or whichever one, as long as it stands for true equality and justice.

sawan said...

lal salaam sakhave.. its not bout the party.. its bout the people.. if someone who should guide the people believes that he is the party, then its obvious that there are gona be problems. he should realise that he is nothing but a mere party member and his streangth is the party workers and not his money or political image. etra vegam athu manasilaavunnu nammude naadine atrayum nallathe!

Fr Jerry said...

I agree Sawan.

kunnampally said...

Once Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams said what the church needs to practice is Christian communism (Although the late Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple, referred to Communism as a Christian heresy) but yes, at present the church practices the communism which the C P M practices- the corporate communism

Fr Jerry said...

Excellent comment. I couldn't agree more. I think the lines have been drawn and two sides have been created. One is the bourgeoise (from the perspective of the red flag bearers) and the other is the communists (socialists: as if it is a word which is taboo!!).

Because of this we have to select which side we are on. We are not given any choice to select the good in what we say and experience.

The church thus should not shy away from communism, doing good for the poor and looking into the community needs of people and bringing communities together.