Friday, October 24, 2008

The first drops

Drops fell in batches and then all together
As welcome news they broke the unrelenting heat
The dust rose in sacred salute
Filling the air with nostalgic thoughts

I rushed to see the clouds pierced
And the drops settling on the earth
The sound of the pellets on the ground
Took me far to memories stashed away

People were scurrying for cover
Some just enjoyed the cool moment
Children kicked at the small lakes and puddles
Elders let a smile escape from their jaws

The beginnings are always such
They lead us into such ecstasy and joy
It doesn’t matter who we are and what we are doing
The first drops will overwhelm us all


Vin said...

Fr, its raining cats n dogs in chennai !! the 'first drops' r surely doubt there :)

sawan said...

no rain in hyderabad :-(

check out my next post, you might have something there..

Rohan said...

jerry, we are enjoying some pleasant whether here!
Is it the pleasant of global warming that that an usually dry place is blessed with rains and cool weather?!

Fr Jerry said...

Vin, the first is always special and beautiful. It's what we will always relish and keep in our minds. As things go on we take it for granted!

Fr Jerry said...

Hey, a picture without your trademark sun glasses.:) The rains these days come when you least expect it! Maybe to an extend it makes it sweeter. Will check out your next post.

Fr Jerry said...

Rohan, hill tops will be transformed into valleys and valleys into hill tops! The climate is changing world wide and yes it is a result of global warming.

We are not at peace with ourselves and we therefore resonate negative vibes. This negative energy will at some point of time come back and hit us. Even in a place where you can enjoy pleasant weather, it is still unnatural. Just imagine, the strangeness of pleasantness!

sawan said...

yeah, thought that its time to show the world I am not that bad :-)

blog updated and longs for your visit :-)