Monday, October 6, 2008

The art of eating

I sat with insatiable interest, straining my tired eyes in one quest
Our eyes met and our thoughts were wet
With imagination and in anticipation of the grind quite yet

The stage was set and I placed myself in quick stead
Before me was placed the green and clean set
To accommodate what I would then upset

Vada, dosa, idli, sambar, chutney said he with no hesitation
All there was to do was to place a designation
For what I wanted to demolish in quick agitation

In no time the steaming idlis were soaked in hot sambar
Only to be squeaked and squashed into resignation
On their way to a bigger dispensation

Sat then I in total realisation, that the idlis were in combustion
Sipping my coffee and gauging my position
Only to prepare myself for further demolitions

Vada is shaped like a small doughnut and made of dal, lentil or potato. It is fried in oil. (

Dosa is a South Indian crepe made of rice and lentils. (

Idli is a small white cake in circular shape made of rice. (

Sambar is a vegetable stew made of toovar dal (pigeon pea). ( )

Chutney is a mixture of sweet and spicy condiments. (


Vin said...

:):) for further demolitions!! nice one..maybe u should try with chinese cuisine now

Fr Jerry said...

I am thinking on different lines. Will keep the chinese cuisine suggestion on mind though. I think food is such an integral part of our lives that we cannot keep it away. Even if we do, the smell slowly travels in our direction and plays havoc on our imagination.

Vin said...

so true.. just imagining the diwali sweets that need to be made soon is getting me all excited...GOD alone knows how long it will last after diwali :)

Fr Jerry said...

I am hoping that I get some Diwali sweets from friends. Throw the diabetic threat out of the window and enjoy the festival season!! :)

sawan said...

interesting way to put it :-)

Fr Jerry said...

I believe that blog posts should be short and sweet. Everyone is short of time and therefore I don't see the point of writing long accounts. I try to always have an issue upon which I write poems and then a small write up. Thanks for your comments.

Vin said...

hey fr, May u get loads of diwali sweets and may u come up with a poem describing ur experience :)

Fr Jerry said...

Let's see. Sweets can definitely bring out various emotions.:)