Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The violence of the lambs

I prayed for love and got hate instead
Looking at me and egging me on to retaliate

I wished for peace and got riots for it
With the smell of flesh and the uneasy calm

I craved for warmth and cold did I feel
Piercing my skin and heart alike

I begged for normalcy and branded was I a traitor
Abandoned in unknown territory

I looked for unity and in me was nurtured disarray
Confusing me into utter insanity

I searched for an answer and covered was I with questions
Leaving me clueless and confused

I prayed again for the violence to fall
The violence of the lambs which over came one and all


Anonymous said...

Thanks for expressing the void one seems to step in: between unconditional Christian solidarity and condemnable communal violence.

Fr Jerry said...

It is unbelievable how we are forced to choose for one over the other. Stepping into the void also means showing how fragile we are. In the context of the world today being fragile is seen as a weakness. But didn't Jesus also find himself in a similar position?

Vin said...

Beautiful piece !

Fr Jerry said...

Beauty comes forth from pain, like a mother giving birth to her child.