Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My (our) Mother's face

Mother, it was your sacrifice that brought me here
And yet through the stepping stones of my life
I forgot this momentous truth of 'here' for 'there'.

Filled was I with greed for my own survival
Lived did I in a manner of denial
That seldom did I notice how life was snuffed out of you.

When will your hard work be noticed?
When will the world give you your place?
When will your children accept your kind face?

This indeed is the problem we face
Our memory of our mother is but laced
With lies and fiction in their place

Try shouldn’t we to displace, the path of disgrace?
And bring back our mother to grace
To the land and thoughts which will give her back her face?!!!


ciya said...

hi achen,
i'm not saying this to cause u'r head any sort of injury...the thoughts you have put forward are profound,deep and yet so typically jerry achen...humour . even in the most serious of topics. seriously..it is difficult to understand the complexity of thought that went into the writing at one shot..so, i'll be back. lookin forward to some more interesting writing.

Shibuachan said...

Sangathi thakarppanaavunnundu
Wish you all the best...........
Fr.Thomas,Fr.Santhosh,Fr.Shibu & Dn.Eldose

Fr Jerry said...

Thank you Ciya. We are a society which is peculiar in many ways and therefore we have to see many things jovially. Humour touches a special chord in people and is very effective. Lastly, this is who I am and so it's a crazy mix. Thanks again.

Fr Jerry said...

Thank you Shibu achen (Thomas achen, Santosh achen and Eldhose shemashen). Hope the blogs help to stir up some discussion at the church level.