Sunday, August 10, 2008

Without 'you' there is no 'me'...

Ferdinand De Saussure describes the phenomenon of binary opposites. For us to know what good is, there should be bad or evil. Or humans make sense of one thing, comparing it with another. This is the case with almost everything.
In the world today, we jump to conclusions with regard to religions, countries and people. They are always the evil 'other', whereas we are the good samaritans.
What we conveniently forget is that our existence itself is defined and due to those who we seek to demean. The story of the hero is spruced up by examples of courage in how the hero beats the villain. (It's again another sad thing that the heroine is not referred to!)
What comes out is the absence of a platform for dialogue and consensus. How can that happen when the picture of the hero itself will disappear once consensus is achieved? This way it is no wonder that we will keep constructing enemies in our fear for existence, as dressed up and constructed hero's.
This is one of the most unfortunate truths in the world today. Without 'you' there is no 'me'. It is supposed to be a romantic thought covered with love. But instead it is used as a dividing symbol covered with hatred.


Oscar said...

Nice writing there Jerry. Bookmarked!

Fr Jerry said...

Thank you Oscar. Hope you like the choice of topics being written.