Monday, August 11, 2008

Hum honge kamiyab......and the Olympic gold!!!

Hum honge kamiyab, hum honge kamiyab, hum honge kamiyab ek din.....................The song which has echoed in the corridors of schools, colleges and sports hostel. "We shall be successful, one day." Many a time, even as a child, one felt that the song made one's hair rise and fill in a sense of patriotism, which brought everyone together.
But how long can we keep singing? The English equivalent is "We shall overcome one day." The memory of the masses is short term and so is the temper. The young have been growing impatient as to when the day would eventually come, when we would matter on the world stage. This new generation which is representing India in all activities of life has brought in new meaning to the song. And so today is a historical day for India.
Abhinav Bindra has won India's first ever individual gold in the 10 metres air rifle event. First and foremost, we congratulate you Abhinav, for you have represented all of us, our aspirations and our dreams. Today, it's not just that you have won gold, but you have given us the courage to dream again.
We need songs and sermons of hope. That is what keeps a community going. But when our life becomes a repetition of this, we then settle down into our comfortable positions, singing our hearts out, that we will be successful and we shall day.
The olympic gold for people in India should mean that 'one day or some day' is 'today.' India is a country of opportunities, but it also the country of the poor, the marginalised, the discriminated. Should we keep singing the song of hope to the people who cant even eat twice a day or should we do a Abhinav Bindra?
Congratulations again to you Abhinav. Your determination and hard work will 'hopefully' warm our hearts and make us act.

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