Saturday, June 17, 2017

Preparatory prayer for a Sunday

Our God who is worthy of worship, we pray for good thoughts and preparation for a Sunday which will help us pray, sing, hear the gospel, listen to sermons and worship in spirit and truth. May we reconcile with one another before approaching the Holy altar to partake of the body and blood of Christ. May we have communion knowing that communion nudges us ever so lovingly to serve each other and forgive each other and seek forgiveness from one another.

Gracious God, each one of us is undergoing some pain. Someone hasn’t got married, someone doesn’t have a child, someone else is seeking admission to a course, another one is struggling to study well, many are looking for jobs, others are struggling to hold on to theirs, so many don’t have food, others don’t have shelter, so many homes don’t have peace and others don’t have resources, plenty are struggling for medicines and care, others are fighting death, people we know are struggling with loneliness and depression, children are finding it difficult to cope with the pressure to do well, parents are thinking about what next for their child, a community is thinking of building a church, other church members are trying their best to hold on to what they have.

There are so many needs and yet we know for sure that you are a God who can assure us that all our needs will be fulfilled. Help us to be powered and inspired by your presence in us Jesus, and to be workers and helpers in your kingdom so that no one may starve, no one may hurt, no one may feel lonely and no one may be killed. Fill us with deep, sincere and good thoughts this night and early morning. May tomorrow be ours in hope and prayer. In your worshipful name dear God we pray. Amen.

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