Thursday, June 15, 2017

Prayer for a good day

My God and my Lord, help me this morning to open my eyes and see the goodness of your creation. Help me God to open my ears and hear the intricate and yet beautiful creatures you have so wonderfully created. Gracious God, as I travel, may I smile at the person next to me, as I drive, may I give way instead of taking space and creating a jam, when I walk, may I relax and not take aggressive strides, when I shop, may I help an elderly person or a child, when I work, may I be a blessing to someone and when I pray may my prayer be in one accord with your wish and reason.

This day Lord,  may I be happy with all that is happening and not think about what all is going wrong. Help me Father to understand why and what my near and dear ones and people I see for the first time are doing. Jesus, initiate me into the joy of suffering for people I don't know and yet people I am supposed to love. Holy Spirit, fill me with the spirit of understanding and love. Guide me good God. In the name of Jesus I ask. Amen.

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