Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prayer for good direction

Ever giving God, we come into the sphere of meditative calmness and seek oneness with you. There are so many options before us and yet the best will be the one you show us. We seek strength to overcome the pressures of selecting courses, jobs, partners, houses and investments based on human and earthly advice. The best decision we believe Lord is the one we take through your guidance and grace.

We pray God for the mercy of creation of an idea which we will be capable of fulfilling. We pray Jesus for a life changing moment of sacrificial love which will make us select the path of eternal life over eternal destruction. We pray Holy Spirit for unconditional spiritual sanction and grace for taking bold and binding steps for God. We believe that we will never lose our way when we select your way O God. Lead us we pray in the way that only you can. Amen

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