Friday, November 4, 2016

Prayer for blessings

Most loving God, we pray for needful and caring blessings in our life. On some days everything we do for good is misunderstood and misconstrued as selfish steps for our own needs. On other days people come to us for help and team work. The weight of misunderstanding is many a time unbearable. We pray God for blessings for ourselves, our family, friends, colleagues and everyone we come across.

The biblical guidance to love others as we love ourselves urges us to seek blessings for all. Lord Jesus the rain and sun fall upon everyone irrespective of who they are. May your blessings also fall upon all of us so that we work together and see each other as family and produce selfless acts involving courage and visionary ideas. Holy Spirit, bring us together to seek and experience blessings so that we understand that by sticking together we will see and feel blessings from God every single day. Even as we stand together in church, may we stand together in our houses and in society so that no single drop of blessing will go waste. Bless us triune God. Amen.

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