Sunday, October 26, 2014

Don’t lock me in the toilet: skit

Politician- We will make toilets for women in public places and give money for you to construct toilets in your houses.

Girl- Sir, will I get a job?

Politician- I am giving you a toilet. Why do you need a job?

(Politicians supporters take him away.)

Girl and her friend- I don’t know why they only talk about toilets.

Friend- It is for us no?

Girl- Yes, that is true. But going out to the field is the only time I get to come out of the house. With a toilet inside that will also come to an end.

Friend- But having a toilet inside the house will be so nice. I am going to tell my husband to build a toilet soon.

Girl- I also like having a toilet at home. But I also want the freedom of going out without anyone staring at me and trying to molest me. I also want to be treated with respect. Just because we live in the village, does it mean we are fools?

Friend- Yes, that is true.

Boy on the road- Hi sweety. Let’s go for a movie.

Girl and friend get annoyed.
Friend- Look at that shameless boy. Who does he think he is? It must be better in the cities. I wish I could go there with my family.

Girl- All this happens in the cities too. And there are toilets in the city houses. I don’t think toilets will make our lives better. Will we get more freedom and respect?

Friend- But the government is saying that constructing toilets is more important than constructing temples and churches. Is it true?

Girl- I would say that having the freedom to go to toilets, temples and churches by ourselves is the need of the hour. Will anyone provide that?

Friend- Sshh. Our village leader is coming.

Leader- How are you girls? Did you hear? The government is going to build toilets for you. You must be so happy. (Saying this he tries to hold the cheek of the girl.)

(She gets irritated and says.)
Girl- I would like a laptop and an internet connection than a toilet. Will your government give me that?

Leader- What will you do with a laptop, you village girl? Keep it at your head to sleep? ( ha ha ha)

Girl- No. I would like to use it to write letters to government officials to come and see what is happening in our village. We have to walk so much to get water, there is no regular electricity and all you can think of is a toilet. How will I put water into the toilet after using it?

Leader- Don’t talk such things girl. You are a young village girl. Be quiet and go home.

Girl- I will go home but I won’t keep quiet. And don’t call me village girl. I am an educated girl.

Friend- Come lets go. Don’t get into a fight with our leader.

Girl- We will go. But remember leader, “I want a laptop so that I can get my freedom and my toilet. Don’t think that you can lock us inside the toilet!!!”

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