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Fast and pray for the minorities in Iraq, Syria and Palestine on September 12

The Federation of Karnataka Christian and Catholic Associations (FKCCA), the Indian Christian Union (ICU), the United Christian Forum (UCF) and several like minded body's have come together and decided on a fast and prayer on Friday, September 12, 2014 to protest against the genocide against minorities and Christians in Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Churches all over Karnataka will be having prayer and fasting in churches and wherever possible on Friday. The idea is to feel the pain of the hundreds of thousands suffering and to pray to God to help those who are fleeing from the aggression of the ISIS (IS) aggressors.

The Bangalore diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church under its bishop H.G. Pathros Mor Osthatheos is also passing on the message to churches in Bangalore and asking people to fast and pray wherever they are; in churches, offices, schools and public places and tell their friends as to why they are not eating. Many members of the church are directly affected by the violence in Iraq and Syria.

The press note of the press conference held on August 30, 2014 in the Bangalore Press Club is given below.

PRESS NOTE 30/08/2014
1. Five percent of the population in Iraq consisted of Christians and now it is dwindling and this has started in 2003 itself not just today. The ‘New American’ reported that- “Before the U.S. government imposed so-called “democracy” on Iraq, estimates suggested there were as many as 1.5 million Christians throughout the diverse country. They had survived centuries of invasions, persecution, and more — but in many respects, the community was still thriving. Today, experts and Christian leaders suggest the number of Christians still in Iraq is somewhere closer to 200,000. Many of those would leave if they could”.
2. As per unofficial estimates One lakh and 70 thousand people have already been killed, yet the Indian Media or the American Media has not reported this because the American Media considers it as a Middle East problem, and the Indian Media has not reported it because it’s not the OTHERS, Non-Christians who are killed or suffering in Iraq.
3. We strongly feel that the problem in Iraq is caused by a “misunderstanding of Islam”, those who propagate the holocaust are actually unaware of true Islam and Quran’s teachings.
4. The silence of Christian’s in India and also the other communities regarding the persecution of innocent children, men and women in Iraq is by itself violence in silence. When we see violence our silence is also an equally condemnable violence and injustice against humanity, if we do not raise our voice against it. Hence we urge everyone to raise their voice or be ready to accept the blame that you are also a part of the violence by your silence.
5. Today it’s us Christian’s but, tomorrow it could be you, all the others such as the Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhists & Parsi’s
6. We, Christians belonging to all denominations would be observing September 12th Friday as a day of fast.
7. We, would be observing a ‘BLACK SUNDAY’ and also hold a public demonstration of protest on September 14th Sunday, at the St.Joseph’s Indian High School grounds at 3.00 pm and later a delegation of Bishops and leaders of all denominations led by the Arch Bishop of Bangalore, His Grace. Most.Rev.Bernard Moras would submit a memorandum to the Governor of Karnataka, inviting the attention of the central government to the plight of Christian’s in Iraq and demanding a strong denouncement by India of the holocaust of Christians in Iraq.
We appeal to all right thinking people Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jain, Buddhists and Parsi’s to condemn the execution of Christian’s in Iraq in the name of religion.
Abraham T.J
President, Federation of Karnataka Christian& Catholic Associations-FKCCA
President, Indian Christian Union-ICU

Also addressing the press are Rev.Dr.D.Manohar Chandra Prasad,CSI Pastor, Sr.Lincy Cherian,Provincial of Holy Cross Provincialate, Fr.Thomas Kallukalam, Parish Priest, St.Thomas Frlorane Church, Dharmaram College P.O, Rev.N.J.Samson, Chairman & President, Karnataka Baptist Federation, Fr.Jerry Kurian-Representing Bishop H.G.Pathros Osthatheos of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Fr.Victor Fernandes, Capuchin Fathers & Mr.Dolphy D'Cuna, President –Carmel Kutam.

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