Thursday, August 28, 2008

“Death, who are you???”

Death, you can never claim victory
For I was dead the day I was born
When I was claimed by one, and kept away from another
Sanity was forced through, with insanity

Death, you can never scare me
For I was scared and scarred by all the injustice and the hatred
Scared numb that I am scared no more
Fulfilling and conforming not, to what I was ‘meant’ for

Death, you cannot take me away
For I was never accepted here anyway
Isolated and ‘islanded’ was I in existence
Pushed into a corner of subsistence

Death, don’t ever smile at me
For I was always smiled and laughed at
Seen was I a burden, a blot in the land of eden
A blot which could with a smile, be conveniently done away

Death, don’t draw any conclusions
And never write me away
For however I sway, I will have my way
In my land, I will, in all happiness lay

(This poem is dedicated to the people of the earth, who are deprived of land, humanity and basic amenities, in the name of development for a 'few'. It salutes the spirit of the people who fight on for their rights, even in the midst of the violence and injustice leashed out against them.)

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