Saturday, August 9, 2008

8 minutes 8 seconds on 8-8-08

Yesterday I had the unique experience of being part of the initiative in Chennai where power would be switched off in different parts of Chennai to raise awareness about global warming. The initiative followed Sydney and Mumbai, the cities which already did a similar thing. So at 8:00 P.M. the lights went off.

The college in which I am doing my research, the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, also decided to take part in this unique initiative and through this declare solidarity with those engaged in creating an awareness on global warming. The greatest honour was to give a small talk on global warming to the student community.

The talk was meant to walk the community through certain familiar paths.
1. Create and maintain a green cover of trees both within and outside the city limits.
2. Educate children and adults alike about the need for being concerned about one's environment. Reward those who initiate programmes to save the environment.
3. Make friendship groups in living spaces and work places, whereby resources are shared. Car sharing and eating together can be tried out which will lead to saving fuel and money. This will be an initiative which helps in bringing about a community feeling once again instead of an individual consumerist culture.
4. Use our bodies as modes of transport. Walk and cycle more.
5. Be creative with the way we use our resources and make our purchases. Think before we buy. Calculate the energy consumption and note the alternatives.
6. Adopt trees and take care of them. If not, help people who are doing this.
7. Show solidarity with people who are fighting global warming.
8. Be a silent example ourselves.
9. Spare a minute for our children. Think of what we enjoyed and what our children will end up receiving.
10. A small step could go a long way to cool down the earth. "So switch off that light." Please!!!

The effort is to make all of us think as to what we are doing to Mother Earth. The need is to do away with destruction and encourage conservation.

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